Multimedia Consulting

Did you ever want to start a podcast but didn’t know how to setup the basics? Do you want to take your show to the next level by utilizing more advanced techniques? Is a podcast something you can see incorporating into your business?

Podcasting has really evolved since its inception in 2004. With so much equipment and different ways to broadcast, it can be confusing for those just starting out or others who are looking to improve and embrace new technology. Now more than ever, podcasts are thriving as a beacon of hope in today’s media landscape.

I have been involved with podcasting since 2011, and have dealt with issues that beginners, intermediate and advanced podcasters face. I spent three more years before podcasting on radio as the co-host of a college sports program. I also have an advanced diploma in print and broadcast journalism and am well versed with social and multimedia.

I’ve produced a number of shows over the last six years including Podcasting with Marcone and Maskell, The Michine Gun Podcast, MMAxposed Podcast and Chronicles on Queen. Each was different in its on way (for example “Chronicles” was a combination between a podcast and live music). The Maskell Sessions is my current show, which I’ve been recording for the past three years.

Whether it’s audio or video, podcasts can be used to enhance whatever your project or needs may be. Podcasting can also be utilized for business purposes from advertising your products to connecting with your employees on a personal level.

I am extremely passionate about podcasting, creating content, free speech, current events, storytelling and I love to encourage people to do the same. This is one of the reasons I’m doing this; I want to inspire others.

There are a number of different ways to podcast; it’s just finding the one that works for you! I can help!


What I Can Offer/Assist With

  • Over eight years experience with podcasting, multimedia, radio, etc.

  • Six years experience hosting/producing podcasts

  • Ability to produce your podcast (for an additional fee)

  • Providing knowledgeable service at a reasonable, affordable rate

  • “Do It Yourself” tips, tricks and techniques if you’re unable to spend large amounts of money on expensive equipment

  • Developing concepts, ideas, formats, segments, topics, etc.

  • Helping choose locations to record, sound proofing rooms

  • Adding elements of journalism to your podcast

  • Selecting equipment such as mixers, microphones, headphones, etc.

  • Building an audience

  • Developing your brand

  • Promoting

  • Editing

  • Hosting services

  • Website Integration

  • Software selection

  • Designing cover artwork

  • Improving performance as a host/producer/editor/on-air talent

  • Developing and selling merchandise

  • Sponsors

  • Apps

  • Effective use of tags

  • Formulating synopsis, show notes and summaries

  • Exporting and uploading your podcast

  • Being professional

  • Creating theme music, intros and outros

  • Customized instructions depending on your needs

  • Streaming your show

  • Broadcasting live

  • Utilizing social media

  • Networking

  • Contacting/interviewing guests

  • Effective show preparation

  • Translating the podcast jargon into understandable terms


Pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis, but is reasonable and affordable. I am available for in person, Skype, and phone consultations. Purchase of equipment (customer has 100% control) and travel costs are additional fees. Feel free to contact me about anything podcasting/multimedia related. My goal is to make this a customizable experience; I’m available to help!


I can be reached on Facebook, Twitter at @Maskell91 or by email at